change a room color without repainting
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change a room color without repainting

I love playing with colors in my home. Changing the color in my living room used to be a big job. I used to have to repaint the entire room to change the color scheme but have since learned to keep the walls and flooring neutral. Using accent colors in the room can make it very easy to change the overall appearance of the room without going to the expense or work of repainting. My blog will show you what you can do to change the color in your rooms without having to go through the process of painting the entire room.


change a room color without repainting

Make The Most Of A Small Condo By Hiring An Interior Designer

Martin Horton

A person living in a small single-family home may be able to work on adding to the house when they want more space. However, this is not something that you can do while living in a small condo because you only own the inside of the unit as opposed to the unit, building, and property.

If you want to make the most of a small condo that you know you are going to live in for the foreseeable future, you should hire an interior designer to help out in various ways.


Using decorations can make the whole place feel more complete and inviting, but you may not want to take up too much valuable space with these items. Fortunately, you can rely on an interior designer to figure out the best place to put each decoration for the greatest outcome.

This means putting decorations in areas that do not take up more space than necessary while also maximizing the benefit in terms of improving attractiveness. If your condo is lacking in decorations overall, you can get an interior designer to pick up compact pieces to use all over.

In a small place, you may notice a professional using the ceiling and walls as much as possible when it comes to decorating because these are spaces that often go underutilized.


One of the most delicate things to balance inside your home is furniture. Most rooms need a decent amount of furniture to provide enough functionality to satisfy your wants and needs. But, you may not want to overcrowd any rooms or areas while trying to fit enough furniture inside.

This is where an interior designer's expertise will come in handy because they can look at your condo and determine what can be done to optimize the furniture setup. In some cases, they may suggest getting rid of a piece or two when they are too large to work well inside a small condo.


When you need more natural lighting inside your condo, you could always get an interior designer to put in lamps on the floor, table, or walls. But, you can save more space in a small condo by making changes to the window treatments so that more sunlight comes through the windows.

If lighting is still an issue, you can rely on an interior designer to change existing fixtures and increase bulb wattage to avoid taking up more space with new lights.

Getting help with interior design can help you make the most of your small condo.