change a room color without repainting
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change a room color without repainting

I love playing with colors in my home. Changing the color in my living room used to be a big job. I used to have to repaint the entire room to change the color scheme but have since learned to keep the walls and flooring neutral. Using accent colors in the room can make it very easy to change the overall appearance of the room without going to the expense or work of repainting. My blog will show you what you can do to change the color in your rooms without having to go through the process of painting the entire room.


change a room color without repainting

Why Are Window Drapes So Popular?

Martin Horton

There are obviously a lot of ways to add privacy and light control to your interior window fixtures. Most windows have some sort of blind, drape, curtain, or shade—or a combination of two of these. Of course, it is also possible to just have drapes. Having drapes on the inside of your windows is a stylish, affordable, and functional window treatment option.

Drapes are Stylish and Effective

Drapes are stylish and attractive because they can add flair to your windows. Many people will choose a drape product that is made out of a fabric they have on another design piece in their house. This can add some cohesion to your interior style.

Drapes are not only stylish, but they're also very functional on most windows. Depending on the thickness of the fabric you use, you can completely black out light, giving the room total privacy.

There are many things to consider when shopping for window drapes. Here are some of the most important considerations to make when choosing a window drapery product.

Choosing the Right Fabric

The thickness of the fabric is a major decision because it will have a big impact on privacy and light control. Drapes are also a very prominent design feature in the room. This is why many people prefer more subdued fabrics, but there are no rules. If you have a fabric that is too thick and blocks out too much light, you might be discouraged from ever using your drapes. One drawback to fabric drapes is that they can absorb odors and lead to more dust if they are not cleaned. However, it is very easy to change the fabric from season to season for a fresh new style and different light control.

Different Rod Materials

It is also important that you take a close look at your drapery rods. Metal rods are usually the most functional and common. Drapes on metal rods are the easiest to open and close because the rings can slide on the rod very easily without any wax.

Some people like thicker, more decorative wooden rods, but these are usually more difficult to open and close because of the friction. Additionally, wooden rods generally require a little more upkeep and are more demanding to own.

There are also synthetic materials like vinyl and plastic that are commonly used on rods. These are also very functional, but they aren't available in as many styles or colors, so most people prefer the more ornate style of wooden or metal rods.

With the right rod and fabric, you can enjoy drapes that are both functional and stylish. For more information, talk with a company like Sav-Mor Interiors.