change a room color without repainting
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change a room color without repainting

I love playing with colors in my home. Changing the color in my living room used to be a big job. I used to have to repaint the entire room to change the color scheme but have since learned to keep the walls and flooring neutral. Using accent colors in the room can make it very easy to change the overall appearance of the room without going to the expense or work of repainting. My blog will show you what you can do to change the color in your rooms without having to go through the process of painting the entire room.


change a room color without repainting

Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A Fresh Face For Spring

Martin Horton

Jump into spring with fresh looking cabinets, which will give your entire kitchen a new appearance. If you aren't prepared to buy brand-new cabinetry right now, consider doing something with your existing fixtures. It isn't difficult to paint kitchen cabinetry, but there are some tips that can create more appealing and cohesive results.

Some things that make a difference when painting your kitchen cabinets are:

Creating a smooth surface.

Unless you are going for a textured look, you want your painted surfaces to be as smooth as possible. This will give you a professional-looking result.

Get the smoothest surface possible:

  • Be sure to fully de-grease, wash, and dry the cabinets before you begin painting to get a smooth, unflawed surface when done.
  • Consider filling in open-grain cabinet doors with spackling or a couple extra coats of primer paint. This will create a satiny-smooth sheen when you are finished.
  • Strain your paint before using. This ensures there are no bumps or lumps on your smooth surface.
  • Opt for a roller instead of a brush to paint your cabinets.
  • Take time to sand each coat of paint before applying the next to create a smoother finish.

Making the task easier.

While it is not difficult to paint kitchen cabinetry, some prep work and a little care will make it far easier during and after your project.

Some suggestions to make the task easier include:

  • If you dip your paintbrushes in water before you dip them in paint, they will be easier to clean.
  • Take the time and make the effort to remove the doors and hardware before you paint. It will be much easier to paint the cabinets, and it will result in a better finished product.
  • If you use brown builder's paper to protect your counters, backsplash, and floor, clean-up will be much easier. Plus, you won't have the headache of trying to remove paint stains later!

Bringing it all together.

Create cohesion in your new kitchen by adding accents and trims that will coordinate with the new look of your cabinets. For instance, paint the window trim to match the cabinet doors, or give the entire space a fresh face by painting the walls and ceiling too. If you paint the walls and ceiling of a room the same color, typically something light, it can make the room seem larger and taller.

Start spring with a fresh kitchen and new cabinets. Use these tips to easily alter the look of a kitchen cabinet with paint, while achieving the best possible results. Talk with home improvement retailers regarding paint, hardware, and supplies to transform your kitchen's cabinets! If it turns out that buying new kitchen cabinets is in the cards for you this spring, a home improvement retailer can help with that as well.